Urban and rural locals.

March 2015: I just returned from a one week trip to across some Indian cities. Those of you familiar with India may have noticed the poor labourers working on the streets, building streets, or anyway really poor looking natives walking their daily walk along the streets in the cities. I noticed a number of them, particularly men, have a dignified, respectable impression in their face.

A week before that I had just┬áreturned from a two weeks trip to South Africa. Without the bushman sculpture that I have been looking for. I saw that one, a piece of wood, last year when I was heading to the Cape of the Good Hope. Local people at the street selling their souvenirs, ostriche eggs, necklaces, sculptures. It struck me when I saw this “bushman”. That was what the black man told me what it was when I stopped looking and fascinated by this bushman that caught my eye. Maybe 1 meter tall. With a wooden baton in the right hand and killed reptile in the left hand, hanging over his shoulder. All from wood. No massai. No zulu. Just a “bushman”.

It was my young Indian colleague whom I told when I was back home what I had discovered in this street sale show in South Africa. He understood what I meant and referred to it without any negative notion to “primitive human creature”. Right. The “primitive” bushman. I am wondering how primitive such bushmen, which today you may still find in the Kalahari desert, how primitive they are and how the differ from us.

I am afraid we modern people are more ignorant than the bushmen.


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