Dr. Artur Braun

I am a Physicist with a PhD in electrochemistry, working as research group leader in Switzerland. I research on ceramic energy materials for fuel cells, gas sensors, batteries, and photoelectrochemical cells (solar fuel cells), for which I was awarded a Marie Curie Fellowship by the European Commission.

A mathematically inclined experimentalist, I rank with a prestigious low Erdös Number of 3, which I am owing to Keith M. Briggs and his association with George Szekeres. I have organized many symposia with the Materials Research Society and I was MRS 2015 Meeting Chair. Foreign Policy magazine has listed me as one of the Leading Global Thinkers of 2014.

My interest is the causal relationship of electronic structure, and electronic and ionic transport properties in semiconductor electrodes and solid electrolytes, and the synthesis of inorganic/bio-organic hybrid structures by self organisation, pattern formation and programmed assembly. Along with electrochemical, optical and electroanalytic transport studies, synchrotron and neutron methods are my major analytical tools.

My research group and I, together with great colleagues worldwide employ and develop operando and in situ methods. We study components of batteries, fuel cells and photoelectrochemical cells online during realistic operation conditions and thus understanding at the molecular level how synthesis, processing and operation conditions affect the functionality, integrity and lifetime. 

I have represented the synchrotron user community for several years as User Board Member in Switzerland, Europe, and United States. I have just finished my book on x-ray methods for electrochemical energy conversion and storage; you can order it from De Gruyter. My next book is in preparation.

Because of my global involvement in research collaborations, I frequently serve on diplomatic missions.

Contact me by email: artur.braun (at) alumni.ethz.ch 

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